Get acquainted with your new facebook page – timeline

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Probably one of the most far-reaching impacts of Facebook’s upgrade is that the design format of every business start page –  or the page your visitors land on when they first visit you on Facebook –  will be standardized.

Essentially, every business will be required to run a large banner image, also known as a cover photo, across the top of is start page.  The large cover photo alone presents a fantastic branding opportunity. The cover image is perfect for photographers to showcase their favorite images — the cover photo draws you in.

Beneath the cover photo, you’ll be asked to work with a number of boxes, organized in a two-column format, which will showcase activity on your page.  Some boxes will feature your activity – posts and announcements made by your company, for example.   And other boxes will feature visitor activity – their posts, any ‘Likes’ they’ve posted about your business, and similar activity.

Running down the extreme right margin of your start page, Facebook is also mandating that you create a “Timeline.” This new feature is essentially a vertical list of hotlinked dates, which lead to posts and images chronicling your company’s history.

If your business has a rich, interesting heritage, you’re in luck.  With the aforementioned Timeline running down the extreme right margin of your page, you’ll be able to tell your company’s story in words and images.  In practice, this will mean selecting a series of ‘Milestones’ in your company’s history, which will appear as hotlinked dates stacked vertically on the right side of your start page.

A new feature, post-pinning enables your company to anchor a post near the very top of your start page for up to seven days.  This is perfect for businesses looking to add staying power to important company news.  Plus, it can keep a special offer or sale top-of-mind for visitors for an extended period of time.  Such posts, like all other posts, can also include images.

Warning — with the redesign, old unwanted posts may automatically be incorporated into your Timeline by Facebook.  Fortunately, Facebook offers a tool that will enable you to hide or delete old posts that reflect badly on your company, or simply need to be removed.


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